A totally new technology


is needed for development of


Complex Software



Read the following descriptions to learn about

The Need for a New Software Technology

Why Hasnít Software Productivity Improved?

- A paper by Don Anselmo, prior Director,

Computer Development Labs @ Bell Labs

presented at the Software Summit

The Emperor with No Clothes

- An ACM Paper on the need to seek the truth

about technology in the software field

Is Silicon Valley Headed Toward Detroit?

- A paper describing the history of software technology

and the need for a totally new approach


Measuring Productivity in the Software Field

- An ACM Paper on comparing productivity of

different technologies used to build software systems

Comments From Engineers on Software

- Comments From Engineers on the

Need for a New Software Technology

VisiSoft Meets These Needs

- A paper describing how the VisiSoft software technology

meets the above needs for a totally new approach




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